Friday, January 12, 2007

i invite you to join me in washington two weeks from now.

i heard a wise man once explain, "when you ask me why i don't come to church, i can come up with all kinds of reasons. if you invite me, i just might come."

you are invited to join us. if you've never marched for peace, this is a great introduction. what better place and time? and i'll be your personal guide. i'll show you the ropes and guarantee your personal safety and comfort. and i promis you won't get arrested -- unless you want to, and if you do, i'll hook you up with folks who know how to do that better than i do.

just email me and say the word and we can work out the details...

and if you need another reason, listen to this army sergeant serving his second tour of duty in iraq right now when he says, "I'm scared out of my mind right now."

it is our responsibility to represent those in uniform who signed on the dotted line and gave up their rights to free speech. it is our duty to exercise free speech for those who died to protect it. you are invited to join us for a little exercise saturday, january 27th. please, be my guest.



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