Thursday, October 14, 2004


Back in June the Mr. and I sprung some big bucks to go to a Kerry fundraiser to promote EOA and see Tenacious D. The D were good but opening for them was this amazing fucking band who did some rockin, hillbilly, hiphop that will blow your mind. The Naked Trucker doesn't have a CD out yet but they have some awesome political songs* -- that have an obvious expiration date -- so we worked our extreme fanaticism to the bone and got a link to these trax just for you! Download and spread 'em!

And for video of these awesome performers, check out this link. Be carelful tho, it'll make you cry!

*writers(David R. Allen, David Koechner, Thomas Chan, J.P.Fitting, and Andy Paley) and the artists (The Naked Trucker And T-Bones featuring the Dickaround Gang). The publisher is Magnetic Oblivion Music Company.


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