Monday, December 13, 2004


My American Dream by the Naked Trucker and T-Bones with the Dickaround Gang

From the Presidents on Mount Rushmore,
To the canyon they call Grand
The golden spike on that railroad track
Connecting this great land
Postcards from places and downloaded jpegs
Of women who just turned eighteen
These are some snapshots from
Our American Dream (blow, T-Bones)

Puttin' on some pants for temple or church
But freeballin', goin' commando
Takin' Polaroids of a model in a motel
In the valley of San Fernando
Rocky Mountain oysters, Boston Crème pies
And toothpaste from Tom's of Maine
Peeking through a window at a neighbor in the tub
Without them callin' the cops again

In my American Dream
It's the faces and the places all across this great big land
It's a wallet-sized photo of a man and a woman makin’ love in the back of a van
It's the waitress, the postman, the leggy drum majorette
All waving hello!
And a smile on a stranger's face in a truck stop men's room
Winkin' through a glory hole

(Hi friend, can I come in? Got change for a five? Yep.)

Sittin' on a porch in Kansas doin’ Locker Room
Eatin' some rhubarb pie
Makin' out hard with the Mardis Gras lady
Findin' out-what the?- she's a guy!
(Who knew? Who cares!)
Doin' some shrooms with an Oregon hippie
Tea-baggin', and makin' iced tea
A super-hot stripper wins the Colorado lotto
Leaves her biker boyfriend just for me (Hit that, Trucker!)

In my American Dream
Where you free to smoke a bowl while you're smokin' a Virginia ham
It's a super-8 film of a man and a woman with another woman and another man
(and another woman)
Iowa corn, the Little Big Horn, a fresh juicy Georgia peach
And a fraternity guy in a wet tighty-whitey competition in Daytona Beach (I'm stupid!)

A baseball glove, a leather zipper mask, cold beer from a can
The way motion lotion heats up with friction in the palm of a friendly neighbor's hand
(Thanks, friend!)
Checkin' out New York, Chicago, San Francisco
After two or three hits of my bong
Grab my fleshy love handles and hold on tight
'Cause friend I want to take you along

On My American Dream
Drinkin' Crazy Horse Malt Liquor in the parking lot of Disneyland
It's a three hour amateur porn compilation shot only with a Handycam
(Hold still, hold still…)
It’s the lonesome whistle of a diesel in the distance
Of a derailing Amtrak train (oh, shit!)
And a five cent deposit on every single fucking can and bottle that you buy in Maine
Oh and from the Florida sands to the Grand Coulee Dam
Oh say, well man can you see?
My star-spangled manhood by dawn’s early light
Under the big top naked with me
Sharin’ My American Dream

(Give blood, they won’t take ours!

Oh shit, there’s that beer bottle.)



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