Saturday, January 13, 2007

the new wounded-agressive

remember when the repugnicunts coined the term victimocracy? here's a quick google on it: victimocracy. take a look. i'll wait...

they thought that it was unfaaaair for the widows of the 9/11 firefighters to question the government for not following the recommendations of the 9/11 committee. the republican widows questioned the republican administration for not following the recommendations of the bipartisan 9/11 commission. they said it was unfaaaaaair to use victims of such a tragedy to play politics. i don't know who was "using" these victims. and i don't know why they thought it was "playing" politics to question policies. (politic=policy=polity -- look it up)

they also thought it was unfaaaaaaair (waaaaaaaaa!) for cindy sheehan to question bush about why her son died. "what noble cause?" she asks. they've called her every name in the book for that act.

and now, it looks like they've decided that it's too hard to continually kick victims when they're down so now they're going to be the victims:

the latest victim of the mean nasty majority is condi. apparently barbara boxer personally slighted her and all vagino-americans in the history of gynokind when she said that neither of them had children at risk right now, so neither of them could possibly imagine what was being asked of the families in this country. i understand this. i've said it myself so many times i can't count. my friend cindy calls it "having skin in the game" to have a family member serving. i can't even dehumanize it that much. it is unfathomable to me to imagine what it would be like to live each day wondering if it could be his last. to actually lose him would kill me.

so boo - fucking - hoo condi. boo-fucking-hoo.

and as far as bush's tears, which came conveniently after he realized he had some 'splainin to do to the nation's new congress and was spanked in the polls after his lame ass surge speech this week -- give me a fkn break! it looks to me like crying is the first fucking exit strategy he's actually every planned. and it looks like one he's actually prepared and used in the past -- but only with his daddy. from what poppy says, i don't think it would have worked on barb much -- so now it's waaaaaaa! i fucked up. but you can't be mean to me now because everybody hates me and that wouldn't be faaaaaair!

and just in case ya think i'm being too hard on the bastard, check this out. on sunday's 60 minutes we'll learn this "The execution of Saddam was mishandled, says the president, who saw only parts of it on the Internet because he didn't want to watch the dictator fall through the trap door." the mother fucker sends young men half way around the world, puts them in untenable situations, forcing them to "defend" themselves, resulting in the deaths of innocent men, women and children -- memories they will live with the rest of their lives, memories they will have to grapple with alone if he continues to destroy health care, our economy and the VA -- and yet, he doesn't want to watch the boogeyman fall through the trap door. he's a coward, a chicken, a spoiled child, and an asshole.

and half of us elected him.

big whiney baby who's taking us down with him.


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