Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The River of God

I am an atheist. No matter how hard I try, I cannot buy the notion of an omniscient personality, that supreme talkshow host who decides how much time we get on the proverbial big screen.

However, when trying to comprehend the greater of life's questions, the closest I get to envisioning and embracing an idea of god is the idea of a river; some sort of energy or force that flows through mankind. And we, in these incarnated, corporeal beings, live along the banks. We can choose to tend to the river or pollute it, but being human, we do need water for sustenance. And clean, pure water is a thing of beauty. So what we put into the river is what we draw out. "Do unto others," "treat thy neighbor as thyself," it's my understanding that this is the one principle found in every religion.

So I guess, if I were a theist, I would be a river worshipper.

And George Fucking Bush has assembled a supreme bunch of right wing assoles to run the EPA, the Environmental PROTECTION Agency, who thinks this is OK:

EPA May Allow the Discharge of Partially Treated Sewage -- Guidelines That Are Near Release Would Permit Blended Waste

By Juliet Eilperin Washington Post
Staff Writer Thursday, December 9, 2004; Page A03

The Environmental Protection Agency is close to issuing new guidelines making it easier for sewage authorities to dump partially treated wastewater during heavy rainfalls, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post... full article

Listening to Nancy Stoner, director of the Clean Water Project at the Natural Resources Defense Council discuss this on Today's Al Franken show, we just kept asking "WHY?" Nancy was describing ways to protect yourself from polluted waters that threaten the old, young and the immunosuppressed (filter your drinking water and hold your head above water when you're swimming!).

Well, I know what's going on, it's not that hard to figure out... the rich think they can buy their way out of this -- and probably make a buck or two off the thirsty poor at the same time. (I've been screaming 'bout this one for awhile-- hence my name).

Sooner or later, we'll come to our senses and realize that FDR had the right idea. That infrastructure that he built with the unemployed masses (who were starving and exploited by the first generation of robber barons) is now crumbling. It can be rebuilt with the new labor force of Americans looking for work and their piece of the pie. If we can just stop the rich asshole upstream from pissing in the river before it's too late for all of us ...


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