Monday, May 10, 2004

Screaming that Silent Scream

I first heard of the "silent scream" from the anti-choice folks. And you can hear their one true anthem here: It's called the "Diary of an Unborn Child" by Li'l Markie. Be careful it's maniacally manipulative in the way only music really can be. I love this song poem. You have to listen to the very end.

And if that does it for you the way it does it for me then you must check out "Diary of an Unborn Duck."

Your life doesn't get much better than this... unless you get adopted by a family who really loves you.

First Post

I'm an actor, a liberal, and I live in Hollywood, CA.

Sue me.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Screaming at the Believers

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer! Woo hoo!

as an atheist with a strong christian upbringing, i read about the "freedom five" tenets we should be praying for and i think, "well if they pray for the cabinet and the leaders and the media to do the 'right' thing, they should be careful what they ask for." the god i was taught about was loving and just. however the gay bashing stuck right there in the middle of their prayers for education is loathesome.

it's funny. i happen to be a drama teacher and i happen to be directing fifth graders in a play about tolerance of others that is thinly-veiled appreciation of "differences" (ie: homosexuality!!!!) it looks like jesus is working His miracles thru me right now! i know my students are loving and open and caring. just yesterday when one was acting out and the others were reprimanding him two leapt to his defense with "it's the responsibility of all of us, we're a team, an ensemble." what awful socialist values! i'm so evil! i'll spread my insideous agenda one small child at a time! mwhahahahahaha!