Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bush Ain't Foolin Poland

Pulaski here making a rare appearance I live in Poland where I teach young professionals English. None of my students believe for a Polish minute that this war is necessary and they all believe its simply big bully U.S. stealing oil from a weaker nation. I have yet to meet a supporter, and further many are disgusted that Poland is sending troops to help. But being a weak economic nation Poland must ally with someone in order to survive but its like a whipped dog begging for a hand-out. Furthermore if a Polish soldier is killed in Iraq his family can count on a whopping 200,000 Polish Zloty in compensation (that's about sixty grand U.S.) You can buy a decent home here for that.
I don't know if it is common knowledge but Polands' President and Prime Minister are twin brothers! They also made a famous film here when they were about ten. They are right wing to the Catholic extreme often sanctioned by the E.U. for their views about homosexuality.
As for me well I am going through a real Polish reality hows that for redundancy? September first I was fired from my teaching job for refusing to write 1000 questions for my schools new English book which is a blatant rip-off of the Callan Method book they have used for years.. This work was to be done without compensation, and all the Polish teachers had to comply because its much harder for them to find a job. But as a Native speaker of English for me its quite easy, I found a new job and am happy but don't get paid until Nov. 10th! So my little family and I have been borrowing money from Grandma and my Mother-in-Law to feed ourselves and keep my little Lilly in Pampers. The Polish reality part is how the hell do average Poles live on the equivalent to what we are borrowing? When I finally get paid all will be well but most polish people make do on about 600 to 700 U.S. $ a month. Anyway it has been extremely difficult for us and of course the baby is sick so I had to buy medicine instead of other necessities, man that sucks! So Patriots please wish the lords of Karma to work their magic on my back-stabbin boss at TOP ENGLISH SCHOOL Katowice Poland. And keep up the fine work!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

apoplectic apocalyptic ellipses

can't write... raging... want to go see the new dixie chicks flick "shut up and sing" but i'm pretty sure i would get evicted from the theatre for screaming at the screen... want to write letters to editors and blogsites for the local news for asking if michael j. fox is manipulative instead of asking why drug-addled gasbag lush rimjob is such an enormous asshole... want to go to dc and join the sit in on the election but can't afford it... want want want to move toward the light and out of this putrid, hatefilled, greedy freakshow we currently live in...

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Friday, October 06, 2006

Best Auto Mechanic in Los Angeles

i'm still twitching and apoplectic over the state of the world.

so in the spirit of trying to say something good instead of not at all, i will now take this time to tell you about the best mechanic i have ever ever ever met in my life.

Jim Matson of Matson Automotive.

he's the best. was once voted "most honest mechanic" by the LA Weekly. and he is. our last mechanic never cost us less than $250 - every single time - whether this repair was the same as the last repair we had done a month ago (and still should be under warrantee) or seemed simple and quick, it was a minimum of $250.

after many visits to jim, i'm just now getting a bill for that amount and i'm glad to pay it. when i took my clunker in last month for a stuck gas pedal (yikes!) he didn't charge us anything! a friend passing through town who needed some emergency car care was charged $63 bucks! (he said he'd never paid that little and the ailment had been a mystery back home for months!)

and, by the way, jim is waaaaay cool. just a cool guy. and if he can't fix it, he'll send you to someone who will for a great price. that old mechanic i went to said it would cost a minimum of $800 to fix our sunroof(!) and jim sent us to a place that did it for under $300.

jim is the best. check him out here: