Monday, February 26, 2007

jesse says it's all right

jesse dyen

Friday, February 23, 2007


according to congressman waxman's staff (and they are cooooool), the congressman is "moving in the direction" of defunding the war...

please, come and join us today. we need to let him know how serious we are. and we need him to know that as thankful as we are for all his lefty good deeds, nothing is as important as ending this war NOW.

and, we need him to know that if any of the chickenhawks come after him for not supporting the troops, we'll have his back.

check out what happened today at STOP FUNDING BUSH'S WAR and get all the info you need to JOIN US TODAY!

would this work?

way back when, in the olden times, before the big war, there was actually a plan for peace. it was a plan called "PREEMPTIVE DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ : AN ALTERNATIVE TO PREEMPTIVE WAR" the plan reminded us that the much desired regime change in iraq could not be facilitated by the UN since the UN does not have a mandate for democracy over other forms of government. however, if the citizens of iraq were to gather from in and outside of their country in the kurdish territories under the protection of the no-fly zone and convene a constitutional congress, they could declare themselves the new, sovereign united states of iraq and then, if needed, request help from the UN to protect themselves from and/or defeat saddam.

but bush wanted war and here we are.

lately, i've been ruminating on that plan.

couldn't the new, haphazardly formed sovereign government of iraq still request help from the UN? only this time they would ask for help in removing the occupying force that is us.

i know it's not much of a consolation -- over the idea of preemptive peace and all -- but it just might get our troops the hell out of there and start war crimes hearings on bush and cheney at the same time. not to mention, abort the coming war with iran...

just a thought. but i'm just an artist. i only have creativity and imagination. certainly, our leaders must have more vision that me...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

copy cat or coincidence?

so yesterdee was not only valentime's day for the rest of ye, but it was the 7th anniversary of my nuptials to dutchman and the 13th anniversary of our first date and the first time we did the hokey pokey in mexico.

dutchman, it's been a 'swonderful ride. truly. lately, i've been constantly musing on what a catch you are. and though we didn't need much of a relationship summit this year (goodness, there isn't time with the production meetings, the political actions, the research and development and then there's all the cats...!) i did finally get the gift i've been pining for for the past decade at least..

for anybody who's passin' by, our regular gift-giving mo is this: if d tries to get me anything i'll know because i do all the banking and i'll see it in the transactions. i'm also really tight with the funds. we don't spend money frivolously but instead save for the production tools and political actions, etc.... so if he even dared to try to buy me a blood diamond or some expensive something that would send some cheap something i already have into the landfills i would scream bloody murder! plus, we have so much. we have each other.

so, usually the thing i get for my birthdee or christmas is this -- i get to complain that i didn't get anything! yeah, it's a paradox. i like that. it's fun. and it's tricky and he just grins and bears it and shows me how much he loves me...

but the one thing that i don't' have and have never had and have neeeeeeeded and asked for forever is...

a gavel!

yep. i neeeeed a gavel. why? so when there's an argument i can finish it! so when there's a case that's open, i can close it!

case closed! gavel, gavel! (is that the onomatopoetry a gavel would make if a gavel made onomatopoetry?)

and on the same day that dutchman was scouring the web for my cherished love gift, it seems our very own democratic valentine was launching her own blog, The Gavel. do you think it was one of those hundredth monkey things or is it just time for women to wield hammers of justice once and for all?

i say all of the above.

case closed!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

TAKE ACTION NOW - Help Stop The War!


Monday, February 12, 2007

i'm proud the dixie chicks are from texas

i don't usually go in for the awards show thing much, but the grammys were great.

congrats dixie chicks! it's so fantastic to see y'all get the last word -- and not in a creepy, i-told-you-so kind of way, but as a reflection of the way the tide has turned and the country seems to be coming to its senses.

i am absolutely dying to see "shut up and sing" but i was pretty sure i wouldn't be able to see it in a movie theatre since i would either scream at the screen the entire time or spontaneously combust from trying to hold my tongue. and after tonight's cheering at the tube, i know i was right to wait. but it's not out on dvd until tuesday the 20th so i'm still in tortuous anticipation.

i have someone very close to me whom i would really like to ask about the dc's journey. someone who is greatly distressed by the war and our president but who was also outraged at the chicks and sent me that pic of them photoshopped with saddam hussein. i really would like to ask her if her opinion has changed but i don't want it to seem like i'm rubbing her nose in something. i'm sincerely not. i've said it many times, i wish i had been wrong about my suspicions of this administration and predictions about this war. and i have great compassion for those who were wrong and wronged. it's time for all of us to make nice and start digging ourselves out of this shit.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Saturday, February 03, 2007

united for piss and vinegar

so, last week when we were getting ready to go to dc to protest the war, i repeatedly went to the united for peace and justice website to get updates on schedules and actions and such. sometimes i would accidentally type in into my browser and when i did i ended up at this snerky little site :

"united for peas and justice" hahahahaha

so, after doing this a couple of times and getting more annoyed, i sent them an email:

From: Cassandra Complex []

Sent: 19 January 2007 00:11


Subject: united for peas and war?

y'all look kinda dickish to me. don't get me wrong, i like peas and all, but why would you commandeer the ufpj site name and then not even give an opportunity to redirect on your homepage. check out they redirect you to amoebarecords and it gives you all warm fuzzyfeelings about them as human beings. [i've recently rechecked the amoeba sites. it looks like the original amoeba folks gave up their original domain name - now you end up at amoebarecords right away] but y'all look like you hogged a domain name, thought you'd be cute by making it about "peas and justice" and then ... what? maybe you're not really for peace and justice? maybe you're all prowar? think about it...

and this is the response i got from the peaslovers:

From : Tim Mudge
Sent : Friday, January 19, 2007 12:38 AM
To : "Cassandra Complex"

Subject :
RE: united for peas and war?

You should really get out more.
All we want to do is get people to eat more peas.
Now run along and play and make sure you play nicely

so i guess my initial instinct that told me these folks were dicks was right. i wrote mr. mudge back and told him that i got out just fine. just got back from the dc protests which is more than his little snerky self seems to be doing.

i don't think i like peas so much anymore...

UPDATE: the peaslovers have taken their "united for peas and justice" logo off the site. it's a good start. now a little link to redirect on the site to the largest peace org in america might be the next step... or just give the domain name to ufpj. no one's looking for peas there anyway...


whatcha doing saturday night?