Saturday, April 29, 2006


just got in from a day of consumerism. i bought a pair of white jeans to wear on monday to work. i'm a teacher and i teach the children of immigrants. i don't feel like i can walk out of work and serve the cause at the same time so i'll wear white in solidarity..

we're listening to neil young's album and these lyrics come on as i come across this picture:

Thousands of children scarred for life
Millions of tears for a soldier's wife
Both sides are losing now
Heaven takes them in
Thousands of children scarred for life

how can we live with ourselves?

the point has been tipped but will we survive the time it takes to right?

Friday, April 28, 2006

Divine Peace

yep, no services. at least not yet.

just took a road trip with the assisterant to scope out divine peace.

the campsite will be more rustic than casey since we won't have the peace house watching our back.

i'm going to start looking for some foam or something because those rocks look sharp.

i was thinking about the camp casey family joining the native americans in their peaceful protest against this bombing. i was asking myself what we are bringing to this communion. one thing we bring with us is our message -- "what noble cause?"

once, when i was acting in a chekov play, i went to a russian orthodox church service and later met the priest (minister, pastor?) when he so graciously hosted the cast at his home for dinner. one of the images he used to explain his religion was a staircase or a ladder. as you live your life on this incline you have to keep moving, there is no rest or stagnation. and every action or inaction either moves you up the staircase (and i assumed closer to god) or down the staircase. with every breath you are either doing good or not.

and as we join with others who have protested what we are doing to this earth we can at the very least ask the world if this action, this bomb test, this flexing of our muscles is moving us up the ladder or down.

is this a noble cause?

why are we doing it? to test a bomb? for what? to kill. is that a noble cause?

what if the killing is in "defense of democracy?" how exactly does that work? what are we defending if it has to be done by killing indiscriminately? and bombs are indiscriminate. especially 700 ton bombs. or nuclear bombs. indiscriminate killers. is that a noble cause?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

remember this guy?

well not only does he like to cut his wife out of huge photos, but he cut down a beloved tree in crawford...not a very nice neighbor..

(to read all about it click on the link below and then click on "print this" to read the whole article)


camp casey easter sunset

this is what democracy looks like


please read carlos' blog

it's called Divided We Stand.

carlos is a beautiful man, passionate, poetic. he struggles with our language to explain the unexplainable -- how he lives with the death of his son for a lie.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Thank you Mary O. McCarthy

ms. mccarthy, if i had your address i'd send you flowers.

i've had the great fortune of spending time with Ann Wright and Daniel Ellsberg lately and this is exactly the kind of action they have been urging.

and kudos to Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr. who said people who provide citizens the information they need to hold their government accountable should not "come to harm for that."

don't like leaks, w? or is it that you just don't like leaks that hold you accountable? well, waaa waaa waaa! as your friend dick would say, you can "go fuck yourelf."


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chevy Tahoe Censorship

so we've all been having loads of fun at CHEVY TAHOE's expense lately and they've been proudly exclaiming that it's all part of their plan and the cost of doing blogvertising yadayadayada.. but we've suspected all along that there's some censorship happening too.

no way to really prove it, but if you post an ad and it doesn't work then you post it again, right? i've mastered their little program quite well and i made one i call "august" and it's been yanked three times. i'll post it here again soon, but just in case it gets yanked again, i'll let you imagine it. is it the foul language that chevy opposes? is it the accusations of greed and global destruction they don't like? it hasn't been a problem with others' ads. so let's see what's so bad about "august"

MUSIC: Ominous chords up in background

VISUALS: Ugly grill of an SUV bearing down on the camera

TEXT: I remember that asshole in my rearview

VISUALS: More grill of SUV bearing down on camera

TEXT: It was hot. It was August in Texas

VISUALS: SUV close up trying to pass on the left

TEXT: The guy was trying to pick a fight

VISUAL: Blue background

TEXT: We would never buy an SUV like that

VISUAL: Yellow background

TEXT: But we rented one

VISUAL: Yellow background

TEXT: Camped in it for a week, outside Bush's "ranch," alongside Cindy Sheehan & thousands more

VISUAL: View of interior shot from rear with back hatch open.

TEXT: It was quite cozy. Kept the spiders out.

VISUAL: Blue background

TEXT: We're going back this Easter. Join us.

VISUAL: Green background


VISUAL: Black background with logo


so what's the problem Chevy? not the revolution you had in mind? don't you support the troops?

Censor this, motherfuckers!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


please rest in peace Casey Sheehan and Mike Mitchell.

you would be so proud of your parents.

we'll stand with them until this war ends and your buddies are taken care of.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My very own CHEVY TAHOE commercial


mine have made it through! check it out:

(Dutchman's contribution)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

An American Revolution

this is one of the coolest things i've ever seen in my life.

as if i didn't already have some personal feelings about the CHEVY TAHOE. as if i didn't already have some general feelings about all SUVs...

then CHEVY TAHOE comes along and offers me a chance to make my very own CHEVY TAHOE commercial! it's a tie in with "The Apprentice" or some other craplicious tv entree recently pureed for my easy swallowing convenience.

i wish that i could show you the three little ditties that i ditted but i can't (UPDATE: see above). alas, CHEVY TAHOE may be on to us after, what.. two weeks? i can create to my little bleeding heart's content, but i can't save. i have to submit them to CHEVY TAHOE first before they'll send me a copy.

BUT that means that somebody at CHEVY TAHOE is actually looking at these things! how do i know? because, if you make blandola, ra-ra, i-love-my-dumb-car-more-than-my-dumb-husband-and-isn't-that-funny kinda spot, it comes through! so someone, somewhere is screening these. even if it's an intern/flunky/slave who's telling them that a certain percentage is unacceptable because it seems that a lot of people actively hate your product and your practices and what your company stands for, CHEVY TAHOE is getting the message.

and what is the message that most folks are sending? most are variations on the themes of global warming, blood for oil, slothfulness, asshole drivers and overcompensation for underrepresentation (dick jokes). of course, all of these messages end with the tag line,

this is a revolution. a "sit on it and spin" kind of revolution. CHEVY TAHOE provided us with a tool and we've sharpened it like a shiv and shoved it up their shiny chrome asses. and as far as any real marketing advantage for CHEVY TAHOE, the feel on the web is that folks aren't particularly moved to figure out how to use their interface just to make a lame car commercial.

but for those of us who do care about things like... the future, say... we're plenty motivated to send tons o' original content - and FOR FREE! you're welcome CHEVY TAHOE. how's it feel to be the one bending over, taking it up the ass for a change? i'm downright giddy.

i hope the libs at GM who still haven't quit from pangs of conscience will be finally moved to do so -- after they've laughed their asses off for a while.

and now for the links to some of my faves:
Just Do It
Sex Machine
With Us?
W's Car

and there are TONS more at Democratic Underground. for now. who knows when/if CHEVY TAHOE will yank them. (there are a few posted at YouTube. hope more show up there soon)
WARNING: watching these things is ADDICTIVE. lock up the cats and the kids. put the spouse to bed and smoke it if you got it.

then make one of your own.

or make two.
or three...