Monday, January 29, 2007

photos and video from saturday's march in DC

We head back to la tomorrow- been very busy- here are some pictures for the march last saturday:


Later that night we met at the Viet Nam War Memorial to pay our respects. I remember visiting as a child and thinking that at least our country learned a lesson in that war... alas, alas... this "award" was leaning against the wall:

And we walked up to the Lincoln and this inscription of the Gettysburg Address reminded me why I came 3,000 miles- yes, Lincoln was talking about the sacrifices of the Union dead, but as a citizen, and in these times of our Signing Statement Dictator, I felt that I came to stand and march and witness so that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth... the biggest thing I'm taking from this trip, from the march to the lobbying (more on that in another post) is that the people and only the people will end this war


Monday, January 22, 2007

you already know how this will end

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Naked Trucker Said To Do It So I Did

give blood that is...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

the new wounded-agressive

remember when the repugnicunts coined the term victimocracy? here's a quick google on it: victimocracy. take a look. i'll wait...

they thought that it was unfaaaair for the widows of the 9/11 firefighters to question the government for not following the recommendations of the 9/11 committee. the republican widows questioned the republican administration for not following the recommendations of the bipartisan 9/11 commission. they said it was unfaaaaaair to use victims of such a tragedy to play politics. i don't know who was "using" these victims. and i don't know why they thought it was "playing" politics to question policies. (politic=policy=polity -- look it up)

they also thought it was unfaaaaaaair (waaaaaaaaa!) for cindy sheehan to question bush about why her son died. "what noble cause?" she asks. they've called her every name in the book for that act.

and now, it looks like they've decided that it's too hard to continually kick victims when they're down so now they're going to be the victims:

the latest victim of the mean nasty majority is condi. apparently barbara boxer personally slighted her and all vagino-americans in the history of gynokind when she said that neither of them had children at risk right now, so neither of them could possibly imagine what was being asked of the families in this country. i understand this. i've said it myself so many times i can't count. my friend cindy calls it "having skin in the game" to have a family member serving. i can't even dehumanize it that much. it is unfathomable to me to imagine what it would be like to live each day wondering if it could be his last. to actually lose him would kill me.

so boo - fucking - hoo condi. boo-fucking-hoo.

and as far as bush's tears, which came conveniently after he realized he had some 'splainin to do to the nation's new congress and was spanked in the polls after his lame ass surge speech this week -- give me a fkn break! it looks to me like crying is the first fucking exit strategy he's actually every planned. and it looks like one he's actually prepared and used in the past -- but only with his daddy. from what poppy says, i don't think it would have worked on barb much -- so now it's waaaaaaa! i fucked up. but you can't be mean to me now because everybody hates me and that wouldn't be faaaaaair!

and just in case ya think i'm being too hard on the bastard, check this out. on sunday's 60 minutes we'll learn this "The execution of Saddam was mishandled, says the president, who saw only parts of it on the Internet because he didn't want to watch the dictator fall through the trap door." the mother fucker sends young men half way around the world, puts them in untenable situations, forcing them to "defend" themselves, resulting in the deaths of innocent men, women and children -- memories they will live with the rest of their lives, memories they will have to grapple with alone if he continues to destroy health care, our economy and the VA -- and yet, he doesn't want to watch the boogeyman fall through the trap door. he's a coward, a chicken, a spoiled child, and an asshole.

and half of us elected him.

big whiney baby who's taking us down with him.

Friday, January 12, 2007

i invite you to join me in washington two weeks from now.

i heard a wise man once explain, "when you ask me why i don't come to church, i can come up with all kinds of reasons. if you invite me, i just might come."

you are invited to join us. if you've never marched for peace, this is a great introduction. what better place and time? and i'll be your personal guide. i'll show you the ropes and guarantee your personal safety and comfort. and i promis you won't get arrested -- unless you want to, and if you do, i'll hook you up with folks who know how to do that better than i do.

just email me and say the word and we can work out the details...

and if you need another reason, listen to this army sergeant serving his second tour of duty in iraq right now when he says, "I'm scared out of my mind right now."

it is our responsibility to represent those in uniform who signed on the dotted line and gave up their rights to free speech. it is our duty to exercise free speech for those who died to protect it. you are invited to join us for a little exercise saturday, january 27th. please, be my guest.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

bush sorry? wow... hold the presses!

breaking news! bush says he's made a mistake...

guess we can all give him a break now..

i'm not buying it.

in fact it reminds me of another dictator who liked to play cat and mouse when he knew he was bluffing. that guy was saddam hussein. i remember when bush was breathing down his neck forcing him to prove a negative - that he didn't have wmd (after the weapons inspectors had already said as much) - and he would say he did and then he didn't and then he did... and i remember thinking "of course they guy's not going to admit the truth, he's bluffing because he's surrounded by enemies we helped him make!"

and each time it would just get junior all riled up - which is how he apparently likes it - and give him another excuse to march to war.

and now junior is playing the same game with our congress. now that he's backed into a corner he's going to be contrite for about a minute and see if he can blow some smoke up some asses long enough to put us into yet another untenable position.

it's all an act. he's an asshole. he's always been an asshole. he's also a dictator.

he took us into this war on the pretext of protecting us from some other boogeyman dictator who spied on his own people, sent his own young into an endless war, imprisoned citizens without trial and condoned torture. and now he's doing the same fucking thing.

and our young, noble, brave, patriotic men and women are dying for his bullshit crusade.

and i and you are letting this happen.

Monday, January 08, 2007


so it's the eve of the eve of the president's new way forward/benchmarks speech (also known as stay the course/timeline speech) and i'm not feeling particularly charitable.

you know, cassandra is the ultimate i-told-you-so-er. i hate it when even the libs talk about how fkn united we all were after 9/11 when the president gave his speech to the nation, how we all trusted him to do the right thing. i wasn't and i didn't. i remember it very clearly. we had driven across country from nyc to texas to be with a dying relative (since all the planes were grounded) and i was driving from home to hospital to relieve my mother for the nightshift of our round the clock bedside vigil and i was barely able to listen to the moron in chief on the radio because i was basically hyperventilating in fear and trying to keep the car on the road.

we had been in new york city a few days earlier when the towers fell and i never felt such a profound sadness. i think the entire city was not only mourning the loss of loved ones but praying that they would not be sacrificed to the gods of war and violence.

even the idea of going to afghanistan was unacceptable to me. not led by this administration. they were never to be trusted.

why couldn't the rest of the country see what a fucking moron he was?

and when all the information started coming out about the lies and the sexing up of the intelligence i just kept asking myself how i knew they were lies and others didn't. i'm just a fkn actor, for zeus' sake. all i do is pay attention. and by all means, i wish if was fkn wrong! i wish i was the idiot. it would make life a lot simpler.

but instead, i was right. you can't force democracy. you can't get peace through violence. you can't get support through threats. duh. fkng duh.

which brings me to a great flick we saw last night. idiocracy. an average guy ends up being the smartest guy on earth. it's kinda irritating and lonely to be surrounded by fools -- and for a movie, it's kinda funny. i personally think it's terrifying and real, but what the hell, let's laugh at the fiction. we probably won't survive long enough for it to become reality anyway

rent idiocracy now. it's awesome.

Friday, January 05, 2007

what else you got going on that weekend?


and now for something completely different...

it was the early days of the internets... well it was for me. give me a break! we didn't enter the nineties until 2003 when we finally left dial up in the dust... we still use aol for zeus' sake and we all know it's the bridge and tunnel of the world wide web..

but it was my first web-blog. or webblog or weblog or ...

and it was fancy, just like this one...

and of course, it had a cause!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bruce Springsteen - Millworker

This is a fantastic performance... enjoy!

Monday, January 01, 2007

peace on earth